Add dependency on a Windows Service AFTER the service is installed

Sometimes after a reboot you will want certain services to start before others. Windows allows you to create dependencies to take care of this.

This can also be done via an elevated command prompt using the sc command.

sc config [service name] depend= <Dependencies(separated by / (forward slash))>

Note: There is a space after the equals sign, and there is not one before it.

Warning: depend= parameter will overwrite existing dependencies list, not append. So for example, if ServiceA already depends on ServiceB and ServiceC, if you run depend= ServiceD, ServiceA will now depend only on ServiceD.


Dependency on one other service:
sc config ServiceA depend= ServiceB

Above means that ServiceA will not start until ServiceB has started. If you stop ServiceB, ServiceA will stop automatically.

Dependency on multiple other services:
sc config ServiceA depend= ServiceB/ServiceC/ServiceD

Above means that ServiceA will not start until ServiceB, ServiceC, and ServiceD have all started. If you stop any of ServiceB, ServiceC, or ServiceD, ServiceA will stop automatically.

To remove all dependencies:
sc config ServiceA depend= /

To list current dependencies:
sc qc ServiceA

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