How to Create/Restore a Database Snapshot?

In previous article we learned What is SQL Server Database Snapshot. Now in this article, we will show how to create and restore a Database Snapshot.

To create a database snapshot, we need to use the T-SQL. It is the only way to do it. You cannot create a Database Snapshot in the SSMS.

Creating a Database Snapshot

Here is a sample database snapshot create script on the AdventureWorks database.

Select the database and execute the below query to get logical name

SELECT name FROM sys.database_files WHERE type <> 1


CREATE DATABASE <database_snapshot_name> ON
(NAME = <database_logical_name>,
FILENAME = <'Path_of_snapshot_file_with_extention_ss'>)
AS SNAPSHOT OF <database_name>;

As you can see, the syntax is similar to a normal database creation except for two things:
1. We use the word AS SNAPSHOT OF DATABASE_NAME to specify the name of the database that requires a snapshot.
2. By default, it is better to specify the extension of the snapshot datafile as .ss (which means SnapShot.


(NAME = AdventureWorks_Data,
FILENAME = 'D:\Data\')
AS SNAPSHOT OF AdventureWorks;

Restoring a Database Snapshot

If all the objects and data were dropped, it would possible to recover all the information from the snapshot to the original database.


RESTORE DATABASE <database_name> FROM DATABASE_SNAPSHOT = <database_snapshot_name>

To revert the AdventureWorks database to the database snapshot we created before, use the following T-SQL command:


USE master;

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