How to Find Size of a Table in SQL Server

Have you thought, how big a table really is in your database? You know there are a million rows in the table, but how much space is that really taking?

SQL Server provides a built-in stored procedure that you can run to easily show the size of a table, including the size of the indexes.


sp_spaceused 'Tablename'

Output will be like this,

How to Find Size of a Table in SQL Serve

Or in management studio: Right Click on table -> Properties -> Storage

Use below script to list all tables in a database and their row counts and sizes

CREATE TABLE #RowCountsAndSizes (TableName NVARCHAR(128),rows CHAR(11),
 reserved VARCHAR(18),data VARCHAR(18),index_size VARCHAR(18),
 unused VARCHAR(18))

EXEC sp_MSForEachTable 'INSERT INTO #RowCountsAndSizes EXEC sp_spaceused ''?'' '

SELECT TableName,CONVERT(bigint,rows) AS NumberOfRows,
 CONVERT(bigint,left(reserved,len(reserved)-3)) AS SizeinKB
 FROM #RowCountsAndSizes
 ORDER BY NumberOfRows DESC,SizeinKB DESC,TableName

DROP TABLE #RowCountsAndSizes

Output will like this,

How to Find Size of a Table in SQL Serve

SQL Server doesn’t always keep disk usages up to date. Fortunately there is a DBCC command which updates these figures. Just run this command before the script above to make sure the figures are accurate :


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